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Flammability of Childrens Nightwear

BS EN 14878:2007 Burning Behavior of Children's Nightwear - Specification

BS EN 14878:2007 is an ordinary European Standard (voluntary and not harmonised).   In the absence of other standards/legislation accorded special status under Article 4 of the General Product Safety Directive, children's nightwear not meeting the standard is likely to be deemed unsafe.


A number of injuries in Europe prompted the European Commission to mandate CEN, the European standards organisation, to develop Europe-wide standards for flammability of nightwear.   These were to be used in the context of the existing overarching safety requirements of the GPSD (GPSR).   After due process a specification was published as 'EN 14878:2007 Burning Behavior of Children's Nightwear - Specification' in 30 European countries and implemented in the UK as BS EN 14878:2007.

Scope and Application

The Standard covers all children's nightwear including Pyjamas, Night Dresses, Dressing Gowns, Bath Robes and Similar Garments.   It provides specifications for burning behavior in terms of flash flame and rate of flame spread and also contains some design requirements for Pyjamas.   It should be used to inform the process of risk assessment of children's nightwear for GPSD conformance.

Application in the UK

The pre-existing UK Nightwear (Safety) Regulations contain some requirements more onerous than BS EN 14878 so an "A Deviation" was entered to indicate that the UK's more onerous Regulations remain and must be followed in the UK.   At the same time other clauses in BS EN 14878 are the more onerous or the requirements are different in detail.   In consequence, as children's nightwear in the UK must comply with both the Nightwear (Safety) Regulations and the GPSR, BS EN 14878 must be taken into account.

An overview of the requirements is included in the information sheet below and guidence is provided by BIS in their Advice Note.

Bolton Consultancy Ltd has extensive experience in the flammability and safety requirements for of Children's Clothing and the application of the Regulation and Standard.   We can provide advice, guidance, training and consultancy in this area.

Information Sheets

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Flammability of

BERR Nightwear
Advisory Note