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Textiles Colour and Performance

Colour Fastness

When we buy our clothes, curtains, carpets or other home textiles, it is the colour which often draws our initial interest and may actually be the deciding factor.   We assume we can use our clothes, wash or clean them with the minimum of caution and they will both stay the same colour and will not transfer colour on to other items or onto hair or skin.

If the colour does fade or transfers to other items, we feel disappointed with the product and let down by the brand.

This problem was first recognised around the 1920s, when the Society of Dyers and Colourists together with the dye makers began to investigate and develop standard test methods to assess suitability of dyes and dyed fabrics for consumer satisfaction.

Since then a vast body of standard methods have been developed and these are published as BS EN ISO 105.

Other Colour Problems

Colour can also appear on textile materials when it is not wanted. Yellowing for example can occur through exposure to atmospheric pollution, known as Elusive Yellowing, and BS EN ISO 105 includes a test to identify this.

Bolton Consultancy Ltd has extensive experience in troubleshooting colour problems and can advise on fastness testing from the lab bench to laboratory management including:

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Elusive Yellowing