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Product Recall and Corrective Action Procedures

Product Recall

A further requirement under the GPSR is that producers and distributors take appropriate corrective action in the event of any product being found to be unsafe. It is advisable to have established procedures within your organisation to both monitor safety issues and be able to recall product.   A written, stepwise, recall procedure or decision making guide is a "life-raft" should disaster strike and annual review of these documents and procedures should also be considered essential; especially if there have been any changes to company structure.

New guidelines for businesses to conduct product recalls or other corrective actions to deal with unsafe products were published by the European Commission in November 2011, and confirm that organisations should have their own documented Corrective Action procedure tailored to their own circumstances.   Corrective Actions can include:

Any of these and in particular withdrawal from sale or product recall are difficult for any company concerned about brand image and market position and decisions should be guided by risk assessment not commercial considerations. Under certain circumstances producers and distributors are also required to notify the authorities that un-safe product has been put on the market and the action they have taken to correct it.

Bolton Consultancy Ltd has experience in the design and implementation of Corrective Action Processes and Product Recall Procedures with experience of product recall management achieving high response rates. We can Audit current provisions for best practice and provide advice, guidance, training and consultancy in this area.   We can also co-ordinate and manage a recall, should your team lack the necessary experience or capacity, and provide independent Risk Assessment Consultancy to inform your decision making.