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Cords and Drawstrings

EN 14682:2014 'Safety of Children's Clothing - Cords and Drawstrings on Children's Clothing - Specifications'.

BS EN 14682:2014 is a Harmonised European Standard.   As such although voluntary, it has special status under Article 4 of the GPSD.  Children's clothing which meets EN 14682:2014 (for the risks it covers) is considerered to meet the general safety requirement of GPSD (Directive 2001/95/EC).  In effect children's clothes not meeting the standard are likely to be deemed unsafe by enforcement authorities throughout Europe.


Developed in response to an European Community Mandate the standard was first published in 2004 and Harmonised July 2006. The revision in 2007 clarified certain parts but made no changes to the technical content.  EN 14682:2007 was Harmonised in March 2011.

The standard was further revised and updated with the publication of EN 14682:2014 announced in December 2014.   EN 14682:2014 was harmonised in August 2015 replacing standard EN 14682:2007.

Scope and Application

The Standard covers all children's clothing including disguise costumes and ski-wear intended to be worn by children up to 14 years of age.  Specifications are included for a wide range of items including; drawstrings, functional cords, decorative cords, loops, zip pullers, adjusting tabs, sholder straps, halter necks, tied belts and sashes, and belt loops.  It also includes guidance on, and should be used to inform the process of risk assessment of childrens clothing.

Bolton Consultancy Ltd has extensive experience in the Mechanical Safety of Children's Clothing and the application of the Standard.   We can provide advice, guidance, training and consultancy in this area.

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Cords & Strings