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BS 7907:2007 Mechanical Safety of Children's Clothing

BS 7907:2007 is a "Code of Practice" which, although not a legal requirement, should be considered as defining practices necessary to achieve acceptable levels of safety under the GPSR.  It applies to all clothing for children up to age 14 years, providing information on best practice on design, fabric and component selection, and assembly techniques.  The information is essential for all in the supply chain, from designer to manufacturer and for the retailer.


Originally developed and published in 1997, it was revised for 2007 to align with the GPSR and to ensure compatibility with BS EN 14682.

Scope and Application

The code of practice includes guidance on Garment sizing and design, Selection of fabrics, filling materials and sewing threads, Selection of attached components and the security of attachment, Manufacturing processes and precautions, and Packaging.  It also includes guidance on, and should be used to inform the process of risk assessment of childrens clothing.

Bolton Consultancy Ltd has extensive experience in the Mechanical Safety of Children's Clothing and the application of the code of practice.   We can provide advice, guidance, training and consultancy in this area.

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Mechanical Safety
of Children's Clothing